Starting Fresh!

Starting Fresh

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been losing interest in WoW again – I know, shocking right? At the same time I don’t think I’m ready to completely give up on the game. Legion is looking amazing and I really cannot wait to delve into it on release. But, I’ve lost that spark, […]

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I held the orb for so long it insta killed me!

So I tried to PvP…

…and it went better than I expected! I changed from my beloved Holy (oh yeah, I’m a shadow priest in my raid team now! Too many healers!) to Disc to give PvP a go. PvP has never really been my thing, I mean I did a few battlegrounds here and there on my hunter back […]

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Umbraco Housekeeping

The other week I was deploying a redesign I had done for an Umbraco based website we do for a long time client. They’ve had the same Umbraco 4 installation since the beginning (about 2012!), and either never had the budget or care to upgrade to newer versions. For those of you who have used […]

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Example of the overlay

Twitch Stream Overlay Attempt!

A streamer I enjoy watching, Mercader,  mentioned he was looking for a new stream overlay for his WoW stream. I’ve never made one before but from what I could gather it’s just a bunch of image assets placed on the screen by the streamer in whatever program they use. So I had a crack at […]

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Raedel…. raided?

So, last Sunday night I finally joined in on a guild run of Hellfire Citadel! I was a little nervous at first, I haven’t raided for quite some time and felt a bit rusty at healing as a Holy Priest. But I surprised myself and was doing pretty okay on the healing meters even at […]

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